Delivering transparancy


Zighzag is an initiative from PMA/Platform Media Adviesbureaus, the Dutch association of media agencies. The PMA member agencies together are allocating € 1,7 billion ad investments from the advertisers. A substantial part goes to online advertising.

PMA believes that the advertisers are entitled to see how their investments are handled and aims to increase accountability for all adspend, including online.

Web and app

For this reason PMA developed ZighZag, a tool that enables to follow all online commercial materials handled by the PMA members. It is a cookie based tag added to the commercial materials. It also is a semi-automated tag generator, decreasing handling time at the agency and minimising errors in the tagging.

A unique feature is the ability to measure both websites and in app commercial content. As it is added by the media agency it is also independent of publisher and works with direct or premium buy and programmatic.

Validation at its best

Zighzag can be used just as a validation tool, to report on viewability, time on screen, etc. In combination with a database of white listed sites and apps it enhances brand safety, a growing concern of advertisers. Zighzag reports on all commercial content both programmatic and direct buy and delivers to the advertisers comprehensive reports on where and how their ads have been served. This way it delivers the best validation possible.


If combined with a panel Zighzag can also deliver sociodemografic data. By using the panel approved by the Dutch online media industry, advertisers and media agencies, profiles can be added to the reports delivered by Zighzag. Depending on the size of the campaign the tool can be used to improve campaign planning ‘on the run’.


Zighzag plays a crucial role in the online infrastructure. This means that it has to be reliable and secure. Zighzag allows for various ways the advertiser handles its delivery of online materials. It will host the files with the added tags, but also works with files the advertiser likes to keep on its own server, or when the publisher requires the files to be hosted on its own server. The system is designed with the idea that it should be working all the time. Various measures have been taken to assure this; mirroring with publisher’s server, out of region back up, redundant servers and more. It is crucial for advertisers and publishers that they can rely on Zighzag.